The 50th Vintage Dress

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Oct 152013

Hello. I’m having a little celebration to myself right now for finally hitting a self imposed shop target. Today is the first time I’ve managed to get 50 vintage dresses in store at one time. Yay! View all 50 vintage dresses here.

50th vintage dress; a 1980s ruched pencil dress with tulip print

There’s so much more to come (accessories of all sorts, ladies suits and more home wares) but one small step at a time… although the small steps don’t seem so small when I’m actually doing them.

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Amber Alert! Vintage Picks

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Jul 102013
Amber Alert! Vintage Picks

In Friday’s post I might have mentioned, just a little, how much I am loving the colour amber right now. As suggested earlier in the week my new love for this moody shade of yellow might prompt some Etsy browsing… and so it has.¬† I’ve been eyeballing the online marketplace and have cherry picked my [read full post]

May 032013
What's New: Birthday Proceedings and Vintage Hosiery

Mostly this week has been about celebrating our nomination in The National Vintage Awards. More about that here, but in a nutshell we need your vote for our chance to be named Best Online Vintage Shop 2013. Vote here. Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday with some of my favourite things *adopts Julie Andrews [read full post]

Emerald City Part 2

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Apr 052013
Emerald City Part 2

This is part two of a series of posts inspired by Pantone announcing that Emerald green is colour of 2013. Part one focussed on new pieces in store in emerald green and similar hues. This time I’ve been browsing the online marketplace and have cherry picked my top vintage picks from Etsy of all things [read full post]