Apr 042013


Yesterday I was compelled to don a headscarf for the first time in order to appear not embarrased in public. It was the day after stripping the brown from my hair ready for the next stage of colouring (mystery colour). Alas, it turns out there wasn’t enough Decolour Stripper to finish the job so I had go multicoloured until I could get my hands on more product.

Although I haven’t rocked a headscarf before, it is a look I have wanted to try for a long time, in that 1940s workwear way a la Bomb Girls. I had a bit of grief getting it to stay on until I remembered a super picture tutorial by Lynsey Le Keux, owner of The Vintage Salon published in issue 23 of Vintage Life magazine. Le Keux explains how to tie a headscarf in 8 easy steps. Above is the result. check out page 30 of the mag for the tutorial.

What do you think? Are You into rockin a vintage headscarf ?

Mar 082013
What's New: Blouses, Barettes and Bobby Pins!

Time for another What’s New already? Oh how time flies! Good job there’s a handful of new blouses in women’s vintage tops. Each of these 1970s – early 1980s blouses has something to offer be it pussy bow, mushroom pleats or a ditsy print, best of all they’re all easy care so put away that [read full post]