Vintage Gazing

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Mar 282014

If like me you’re a little addicted to Pinterest you may have also heard of similar image sharing sites such as craftgawker, dwellinggawker, stylegawker and their sister sites.

Until recently, (to my knowledge) there hasn’t been a pin board style image sharing resource dedicated solely to vintage. As such When hunting for inspiration I have found myself having to type specific wants into Pinterest without the ability to just select ‘vintage’ and filter by category and even when typing a specific term such as ‘vintage necklace’ you get all manner of irrelevant results simply due to the fact the poster has included the word vintage in the tags or description… even if it’s not.

Enter vintagegazer; a website launched in 2013 much like the above websites with one distinct difference; it’s about everything vintage! [UPDATE: this site is no longer live, 2017]

Vintage GazerThe small team of editors, creatives from Bedfordshire that are responsible for the site manually vet all submissions made by vintage bloggers and sellers from around the world to ensure that only original content and the best photographs are published. Why? Because they’re passionate about vintage, photography, style and blogging and want to ensure you only gaze at lovely items in their best possible light.

We were invited to join the site when they launched and a few of our pictures are already on board. There’s all sorts to gaze at across the spectrum of vintage fashion and lifestyle.

Check it out but be warned, it is very distracting.

Jan 092012
The Vintage Fur Debate: My Two Cents

Sorting through lofts of unsorted vintage gets you thinking. Recently, it got me thinking about the incessant fur debate. It is a subject which has been unresolved for decades and the current leading question remains; is wearing vintage fur acceptable? Many argue ‘But it’s vintage, the animal died years ago’. Here’s my two cents…

Aug 012011
What We Wore To Vintage At Southbank

Over the weeked we popped along to the jam packed Vintage At Southbank. within seconds of walking on the gate I spotted pin-up Fleur de Guerre manning the Chap Magazine stand, I dived over for a quick chat then Bob and I braved the mass crowd swarming the Vintage Marketplace. Shopping here was a difficult [read full post]