Apr 222013

I’ve learned from The Man Repeller that on the other side of the pond folks drop the ‘Pussy’ and just go with ‘bow blouse’. But without the operative prefix you could be referring to any old kind of bow, small and rigid, long and firm.. (oh boy… there really is no way to make this post sound less indecent). A ‘pussy bow’  refers specifically to a large and floppy bow on an item of clothing, usually attached to the neck.

1970s Red and White Floral Pussy Bow BlouseBut why?

Cast your mind back to childhood. You remember the Aristocat’s right? Do you also remember seeing greeting cards strewn with ribbon-wearing kittens stashed in your granny’s sideboard? I do. Yes, well put those dirty minded thoughts away right now because the term ‘pussy bow’ has evolved from just that; wearing a bow around your neck like that of a cat in bygone times. See, it’s all so innocent really. I’m glad to say you don’t see many people wrapping their cat in ribbons anymore (I daresay they’d have the RSPCA on their tail if they did, pun intended). Nowadays if you type pussy bow into the web you’re presented with an array of beautiful vintage and new pussy bow blouses from online shops across the world, there’s a fine example on the left (and yes, it’s one of ours).

Do you wear pussybow blouses? Is the word banned from your vocab? Or do you rock the pussybow with pride?

Mar 082013
What's New: Blouses, Barettes and Bobby Pins!

Time for another What’s New already? Oh how time flies! Good job there’s a handful of new blouses in women’s vintage tops. Each of these 1970s – early 1980s blouses has something to offer be it pussy bow, mushroom pleats or a ditsy print, best of all they’re all easy care so put away that [read full post]