Aug 162013

I have had this last week off of blogging and shop on account of my mother and two sisters visiting from the north-east coast. I took full advantage of my mum’s desire to not spend too much money going out and about and keeness for gardening by roping her into helping me with home jobs about the house.

I have had a not insignifacant list of jobs I have wanted to do in the garden since we moved in over two years ago. My ludicrous arachnophobia tends to prompt procrastination to get in the garden. If you don’t give a rats behind about spiders don’t laugh, Alison over at Party of 3 gives a great account of Gardening for the arachnophobic.

A while ago (long before the tv show Kirsty’s Fill Your House For Free) I picked up a wooden pallet someone was throwing out in a neighbouring street with ther vague idea of making something for our small city garden for our kitties to play on. Thus my DIY upcycled pallet shelves were born.

DIY Upcycled pallet garden shelves

The Result! Upcycled pallet shelves for our garden

On the next page is a tutorial of how they went from pallet to shelves.