Mar 052012

During the Autumn last year I was pleased to be asked to take part in filming for a short film for The London Film Academy. The film aptly named Rock Around The 50s is an observational documentary about people that have one foot stuck in the past which explores the drive of people who are drawn to a 1950s lifestyle.
As a vintage hunter and seller I’m not restricted to burying myself in 1950s vintage but it is an era I gravitate toward the most. You can probably tell from the innards of my Edwardian home in the background that I’m not only have one foot in the fifties but body parts in several decades up to the 1970s. This film focuses on my passion for the mid twentieth century, as well as that of swing dance instructor Simon Selmon and others interviewed. You can watch the film below.


Rock Around the 50’s( film application ) from Aileen Carpenter on Vimeo.

Feb 132012
Think Pink: Mid 20th Century Style

The 1950s and 1960s were awash with pink. From pink overhead dryers, pink kitchen appliances, pink bathroom suites and pink mini-dresses to pink telephones, pink typewriters, pink cadillacs and even The Pink Panther. But lets focus on bathrooms. I love a pink bathroom suite, in part because it’s something you hardly see any more, especially [read full post]