Mar 312014

Hello! Funny story…
It was my best friend’s birthday way back in November. I had started knitting her a scarf from some vintage yarn I was donated by my (almost) mother-in-law. She had picked up stacks of this fine golden part-mohair yarn back in the 1970s and never used it so now it was mine, original labels and all.

Knowing my friend has about a billion silk or satin neck scarves (she just can’t resist them) I figured ‘it’s freezing out, why don’t I make something to keep her warm’. and so a cracked on. After a few days I had knitted about eight inches of scarf and it because evident that it wouldn’t be ready in time for her birthday so I met with her for drinks, empty-handed but for a card with the promise of a belated gift.

We drank, we joked and I met her adorable new whippet cross puppy! Then out came the presents and uh oh…
Charlotte’s lovely fiance had bought her some a knitted scarf and gloves set. Beautiful hand-knitted marl and cosy as you like. Darn.

…and so my knitting in progress had to find another purpose. What could it be? What else could eight inches of honey brown garter stitch become?

Then it came to me.Knitted dog draft excluderAs my friend’s little puppy maneuvered her dainty paws around my lap my view of this adorable puppy morphed into a knitted version of her guarding the foot of a door. That’s it! I’m make a mini you. A small version of Silvia puppy to help keep the draft out of their new home.

Sure, it’s a bit random but no-one else will have one! Week on week the knitting on my needles evolved, traveling everywhere with me; to the pub, to games night, to the erm… actually, mostly to the pub.

Months later he/she was finally a shell of a dog body. I sewed on the tail and legs, beady button eyes and stitched on a plastic dog nose. Friends glared on making crude comments as I forced the contents of an old pillow into the belly of my stuffed dog, comparing the sewing up of its belly to a surgical procedure.Knitted dog draft excluder, close up of eyeKnitted dog draft excluder, close up of noseFinally dog was done. Although I worked to no pattern and literally made it up at I want along I am rather quite please with the result. I popped the dog in a over-sized gift bag and off I went to meet said friend.Knitted dog draft excluder headOn arrival I felt I should warn her about the complete and utter randomness of the gift and apologized for its tardiness. ‘Oh Bella, what have you made me?! She said with both suspicion and a smile. He came with us on a shopping trip around Westfield looking for bridesmaid dresses before we sat down for a drink and I presented him. The shops closed and she opened the bag. she laughed, a good laugh and I quote ‘it was worth the wait’.

I have since been informed that dog is a boy and has been named Syd. To my surprise her fiance apparently like him and that Syd is unlikely to ever actually meet a draft as the real dog Silvia likes him a bit too much.Knitted dog draft excluder with real dog

Above: Silvia puppy with her new buddy.

Happy days!