Nov 022012

Today is Día de los Muerto, The Day of the Dead; a Mexican holiday celebrating and remembering loved ones who are no longer with us. The Day of the Dead is not just limited to Mexico, it is celebrated worldwide and its themes and styling have now extended to influence tattooing, art and fashion. My fascination with day of the dead and the recent loss of a loved one spurred me to grab Day Of the Dead as the influence for this year’s Halloween costume. I wore a bizarre combination of black lace and satin items from my own wardrobe with a corset I pilfered from Bobs wardrobe and set it all in place with Day of the Dead inspired make-up and faux flowers in my hair. Bob dolled herself up as a female Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare before Christmas with creepy white contacts and covered in tiny rubber spiders. I have it on good authority that we were judged to have the best outfits in the pub. Woohoo! I have writen a little tutorial below on how I achieved the look in case you’d like to replicate it…

Day of the Dead and Tim Burton style Halloween costumes

Day of the Dead make-up tutorialWhat you will need

  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Talc powder
  • Black pencil eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Red face paint or red lip liner
  • Face paint or bright eyeshadow in a colour of your choice.

Day of the Dead Make-Up Tutorial

Step 1.  Using a make-up sponge paint you face white with the white face paint being sure to either keep a straight (ish) line around the jaw (I did mine like this) or blend the white into the natural colour of your neck. Cover your lips in white. Wait for it to dry and dust over a line layer of talc to set and smooth.

Step 2. Using pencil eyeliner draw two ovals around your eyes, one slightly larger than the other. Also draw onto the nose a shape like a playing card spade shape without its feet.

Step 3. Using your black eyeliner draw a small scalloped edge around each of the larger ovals.

Step 4.Using your pencil liner draw a line from each corner of your mouth outward a couple of centimetres then draw several vertical lines over your lips and at the ends.

Step 5. Using black face paint and a make-up applicator fill the smaller ovals and nose shape with black face paint. dab a little black face paint on the inner edge of your lips and smudge gently outwards leaving most of your lips white.

Step 6. Using your pencil eyeliner (preferably sharp) draw a small rose on each cheek and one on your chin. You can use the example rose next to image 6 for guidance. If you are confident with the pencil you may also with to add some decorative lines and dots moving from the cheek roses inward towards your nose.

Step 7. Draw another small rose in the centre of your forehead just above your brows, not too high. From there draw either five of seven lines in an upward fan shape and join with scalloped lines to create a spiderweb.

Step 8. Using a fine brush fill in the outer ovals and leaves of the roses with either face paint or bright eyeshadow in a colour of your choice. I used turquoise here but any shade of green would look good.

Step 9. Using a fine brush and either red facepaint or lipliner carefully fill in the scalloped edge of the ovals and rose petals.

Step 10. Polish the whole thing off by popping your hair in an up-do and adding some flowers, either real or flower clips. And you’re done!

Done this? Send us your pics!