Jan 132010

Ever wanted the perfect Pin-up coiffure? I found this fantastic victory rolls tutorial buy xenical online https://xenicaltop.com/ by Fleur De Guerre for anyone yearning for 1940’s hair and who hasn’t quite mastered it yet and all you need is spongy rollers, a few bobby pins and some hairspray. I have tried and tested the methods given in this tutorial and it’s definitely worth a watch.[Clear]

Pink Ladies; Style Icons

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Jan 112010
Pink Ladies; Style Icons

Inspired by Lady Gaga’s locks in her recent shoot for 944 magazine I began reminiscing about my own teen craving for achieving perfect pink hair. During my teens I tried many times for hot pink but ended up with variants of fuchsia, lilac, Burgundy and Orange. My earliest icon driving this desire for a scandalous [read full post]