What I Wore Wednesday

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Aug 292013

Here’s what I wore on Wednesday this week for a short post-work picnic in the park.

Floral dress and cable knit cardigan

I picked up this 1970s floral dress at a car boot sale for just £2.50 and have found it to be my go-to dress since. The chunky cable knit cardigan was one I got first dibs on but was actually destined for my shop. I now wear most of the winter through.

vintage cardigan with wowen leather buttons

Pleated neckline floral dress

Lovely woven leather buttons and pleated neckline detail.

1940s inspired white ankle sock and brogues combo

White lace knit ankle socks and brogues comdo inpired by the 1940s.

Flowers in my (blue) hair

Dress – car boot sale | Cardigan – Rag and Magpie shop | Socks – H&M | Caramel brogues and sunglassess – Primark

What would you wear with this cardigan?

What is brogueing?

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May 082012
What is brogueing?

Brogueing is the name given to decorative punched detailing along the seam of various styles of shoe, most notable it’s namesake the Brogue. More about brogues Originally outdoor country shoes Brogues were traditionally a sturdy leather shoe (or boot) with a low heel and a perforated pattern. Over time the use of brogues has broadened [read full post]

New White Shoes

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Apr 192011
New White Shoes

Whilst dropping of donations at the local Roman Road Charity Shop I got distracted on the way out of the door by some flat white patent lace-ups shoes that wouldn’t let me leave without them. I Am a strong believer in adoption of unwanted shoes, it looks so sad when one is left in the street by itself.

Apr 132011
What We Wore @ Brick Lane

This is my first ever What We Wore photo-blog. It’s the first in what I hope will be a long line of photo-blogs about what we wear out and about and at home: a mishmash of vintage clothing and high street bargains culminating to create a budget retro wardrobe. This is what we wore on Sunday on our Brick Lane cardigan hunt…

I Love Brogues

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Oct 062009
I Love Brogues

My tormented mission of trying to find almost-flat lace up shoes for everyday wear for under twenty quid is over. This hunt started over two years ago when a shining pair of £130 white brogues glared at me longingly in Urban Outfitters. I settled instead for a pair of black Primark pixie-pointed lace-ups for under a [read full post]