What I Wore Wednesday

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Aug 292013

Here’s what I wore on Wednesday this week for a short post-work picnic in the park.

Floral dress and cable knit cardigan

I picked up this 1970s floral dress at a car boot sale for just £2.50 and have found it to be my go-to dress since. The chunky cable knit cardigan was one I got first dibs on but was actually destined for my shop. I now wear most of the winter through.

vintage cardigan with wowen leather buttons

Pleated neckline floral dress

Lovely woven leather buttons and pleated neckline detail.

1940s inspired white ankle sock and brogues combo

White lace knit ankle socks and brogues comdo inpired by the 1940s.

Flowers in my (blue) hair

Dress – car boot sale | Cardigan – Rag and Magpie shop | Socks – H&M | Caramel brogues and sunglassess – Primark

What would you wear with this cardigan?

What’s New: Lace Knit Tops

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May 102013
What's New: Lace Knit Tops

New to Rag and Magpie this week are two lace knit in shades of blue. One dates circa 1960s and the other circa 1970s. The first has a pattern which appears inspired by Art Deco patterns of the 1920s and 1930s. On Monday: Our top picks of lace knits from Etsy.

What We Wore

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Mar 072013
What We Wore

Today I was mulling around the office designing. As such I’m wearing a suitably comfy but slighly odd mix of 1970s and 1950s. I don’t usually wear 1970s but wanted a reason to wear an pointy collared orange shirt which once belonged to my grandmother. I matched it with a vintage Yardley lipstick in a similar shade…