Gingham For Autumn

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Oct 252013

Gingham is synonymous with summer. It conjours images of picnics in the park and Dorothy Gayle skipping.

That being said I was surprised to find two dresses almost identical in style, both circa 1960s, both by different makers (seemingly, one is by Louis Caring of London and the other has no tags to identify its maker) and yet both long sleeveswith a Gingham check in wool.

1960s Button Front Green Gingham Wool Trapeze dress 1960s Button Front Red Gingham Wool A-Line dress

The fabric is not technically Gingham; it is a loosely woven wool rather than usual medium-weight cotton characteristic of Gingham, however it certainly bears a very close resemblance. It’s a great compromise for wearing a vibrant summerish pattern whilst staying snug in the cooler weather; a transition piece from to get you through Autumn into winter. I’m sure you’ll have noticed though that they are short, mid-thigh length to be precise, so will certainly be the ones to wear with a slip and either over-the-knee socks or chunky tights… or both.

I’ve never seen vintage dresses like these babies before but they’re a winner with me. Especially the red.

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What’s New: Lace Knit Tops

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May 102013
What's New: Lace Knit Tops

New to Rag and Magpie this week are two lace knit in shades of blue. One dates circa 1960s and the other circa 1970s. The first has a pattern which appears inspired by Art Deco patterns of the 1920s and 1930s. On Monday: Our top picks of lace knits from Etsy.

May 032013
What's New: Birthday Proceedings and Vintage Hosiery

Mostly this week has been about celebrating our nomination in The National Vintage Awards. More about that here, but in a nutshell we need your vote for our chance to be named Best Online Vintage Shop 2013. Vote here. Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday with some of my favourite things *adopts Julie Andrews [read full post]