Jan 282014

Inspired by the recent addition of the vintage lucite brooches to our shop I have decided to write this series of Top 10 posts inspired by the motifs on the brooches. The idea came to me when I was editing photographs of a 1950s lucite brooch with a little map of Australia on it, so the first Top 10 is inspired by maps.

1950s map brooches

left: Australia brooch 1952. Right: Ceylon brooch c.1952

As much as I love maps (and that’s lots!), I decided to bypass actual maps in favour of cute vintage items with a map on yet with a different and useful core purpose.

When is a map not a map? When it’s a dress or a scarf. This Top 10 celebrates useful vintage items with maps on..

SALE Views from France scarf…


Vintage Hawaiian Islands Sou…


SALE 1950s Surf n’ Sand …


Vintage RCA Victor Strato-Wo…


Vintage Souvenir Tablecloth …


Vintage mid century bakelite…


70s 80s novelty western post…


Vintage Toy US Map State Puz…




Vintage State Hanky – Wiscon…

Jan 062014
What's In The Box: Lucite Jewellery Stash

This small vintage suitcase has been siiting in my office for months, uponened. As a holiday treat to myself I decided to finally open it and liberate its contents. Here’s what I found inside… A mountain of beautifully hand-painted lucite jewelley. Made of solid colour moulded or cut acrylic each piece is beautifull hand-painted with [read full post]

What We Wore

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Mar 072013
What We Wore

Today I was mulling around the office designing. As such I’m wearing a suitably comfy but slighly odd mix of 1970s and 1950s. I don’t usually wear 1970s but wanted a reason to wear an pointy collared orange shirt which once belonged to my grandmother. I matched it with a vintage Yardley lipstick in a similar shade…

Nov 192012
A Retro American Diner… In Bexleyheath

Last year I wrote a post called A Retro American Diner… In Essex  upon discovering just that. This year I discovered another cute American diner and so have decided that from now on when I find myself munching down on yummy grub in retro restaurant or cutesy cafe there will be a post about it. Today I [read full post]