Who is Little Lulu?

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Mar 262014

The other day I wrote about the new retro TFL advertisements. Today Miss Bob recalled that the oval eyed characters behaving less than thoughtfully in the new ads reminded her of watching Little Lulu as a child.

No idea? Me either, but she showed me and then I watched another, and another…

Musica-Lulu (Little Lulu) 1947

Little Lulu, as it turns out is a wonderfully illustrated full color cartoon from the 1930s/1940s in which young the star frequently misbehaves, flashes her bloomers and spins into an unconscious moral story with surreal surroundings. Think early Disney (circa Dumbo/Snow White) meets Alice in wonderland. Great stuff.

Little Lulu was created in the mid-1930s by Marjorie Henderson Buell and debuted as a comic strip in The Saturday Evening Post on 23 February 1935.  From 1943 to 1948 it was made into a series of animated theatrical shorts.  Above is a scene from ‘Musica-Lulu’, an animated Little Lulu cartoon from 1947. Watch some Little Lulu here.

Apparently a Little Lulu cameo was planned for 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but rights to the character could not be obtained in time. What a shame.

Do you remember Little Lulu?


Playsuits Then And Now

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Aug 192013
Playsuits Then And Now

Playsuits are old news. No I don’t mean they’re off trend because they’re actually still in and frankly who wants to follow trend anyway, right? Nowadays when someone says ‘playsuit’ you probably conjure up an image high street multiple producing floral print short all-in-ones. I think there’s a place for them. they are very useful [read full post]

Jun 142010

Primarily, to be vintage an item of clothing must be old. However, you can achieve a vintage look by wearing vintage inspired clothing and accessories too if you know how to make it look the part. Some key elements can help make your look seem vintage even if the clothing isn’t. First you must pick [read full post]

Sep 152009
Queeni-B Boutique meets Harlow&Harvey

We recently met the lovely Sarah of amazing Independent brand Harlow&Harvey and after meeting to discuss it further I’m glad to tell you all that Harlow&Harvey will be joining the handful of talented young fashion graduates who’s collections are available at Queeni-B Boutique. The collection has so much to offer including 1930’s reminiscent iridescent head [read full post]