Mar 292013

You hear it all the time in fashion magazines, ‘ditsy print’ this, ‘ditsy florals’ that, but what does ‘ditsy’ actually mean? What is a ditsy print? It is a question often asked online but seldom clarified.

Wikipedia defines ditsy or Ditzy (American) as ‘Silly or scatterbrained’. Well, this is  in the context of a person and sure, you could describe a print as silly but it doesn’t make it any clearer. So here is my explanation, with examples.

What ‘ditsy print’ means

A ditsy print is a tiny scale print with random appearance, scattered placement rather than linear or geometric pattern. Often a ditsy print has multiple orientation, where different elements of the print are different ways up. At a distance the scale is so small a ditsy print looks almost like a solid colour.

Some people mistakenly assume that that ditsy is exclusive to floral prints, however this is not the case. Although ditsy floral prints are the most frequently seen type of ditsy print a ditsy print can be a tiny scattered (maybe multi-directional) pattern of any motif.

 Examples of ditsy prints

Ditsy Floral Vintage Wing Collar Dress

1970s Ditsy Floral Dress far away

Ditsy Floral Dress close up has tiny blue and red flowers

Close up with ditsy floral print

1990s Short Ditsy Floral Dress

1990s Ditsy Floral Dress far away

1990s Short Ditsy Floral Dress

Close up with one colour ditsy print

But like I said, it’s not just about florals, here’s some nice ditsy leaf prints.
Vintage frilled green floral dress

Vintage ditsy floral dress far away

Vintage frilled green floral dress

Close up with tiny green leaves

1980s Ditsy Leaf Print Blouse

Close up with ditsy leaf print

 Or any other motif.. like bowler hats!
1980s Black Ditsy Bowler Hat Print Jabot Blouse

Close up with ditsy hat print

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