Jan 062014

Small Vintage Suitcase

This small vintage suitcase has been siiting in my office for months, uponened. As a holiday treat to myself I decided to finally open it and liberate its contents. Here’s what
I found inside…

1950s hand-painted plastic jewellery

A mountain of beautifully hand-painted lucite jewelley. Made of solid colour moulded or cut acrylic each piece is beautifull hand-painted with a small picture or floral design.

1950s hand-painted plastic bracelets

There are bracelets, calendar tiles and hundreds of brooches. The painted details range from flower baskets to bluebirds.

1950s hand-painted plastic jewellery

A homage to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, calandar tiles dated 1952 and a group of brooches illustrated with images of Ceylon date this jewellery to between 1948 to 1951. All these brooches will make their way into the vintage jewellery section of our shop over the next two months .

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