Office Attire For A Vintage Girl

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Jul 022014

I haven’t posted for a while. I blame this in part on some good news….

But first a bit of background information. For the last few years whilst running Rag and Magpie I have also worked as a freelance designer. The good news? Last week I started a full time design contract in the the heart of London’s financial district. It’s all very exciting, corporate and quite a difference from commuting to your spare room and occasionally working in ones pyjamas.

For the first week I have been struggling with one question…

What does a vintage girl wear in a corporate workplace?
I am not really one for the I-work-in-a-bank look and can barely walk in the type of black stilletos that semed to be sported by all the other suit clad ladies around the office. And so I have had to think creatively about what to wear to work; combining a mixture of three new blouses and a black ruched pencil skirt from the high street and a mid-century style charcoal skirt suit I bough for ten pounds from TKMaxx about twelve years ago.

These are my options until the first pay day when I am looking forward to selecting the most office-friendly vintage and vintage style attire from, Ebay and London’s Brick Lane.

Vintage for the Office

As a headstart here are my favourites from Etsy, all worn with a court shoe and a vintage coat of course…

Vintage 80s does 40s Anne Klein Wool Women's Suit // Quality Work Attire 1950s Dress / 50s Wide Collar Cream Chocolate Pencil Dress / Small to Medium 1950s Vintage Dress Blue Wool 50s Wiggle Dress Pencil Skirt Size Medium
Vintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent Dress XS S Brown Dress Secretary Dress Day Dress Work Dress Silk Dress Designer Dress YSL Dress Vintage 50's Wiggle Dress // Light Blue Fitted Pencil Dress // Unique Neckline // sz M Black and White Career Dress - Deadstock Union Made Tuxedo Dress - Vintage 1980s Belted Pencil Dress by Taurus II
Vintage 50s SAMBO Yellow Wiggle Dress Sheath Pencil Mad Men Button Pinup 1950s Dress Bombshel Dress Pleated Top 60s Sleeveless Dress Belted Vintage Cerulean Knit Pencil Dress / Lightweight Sweater Dress / Small Vintage 60s Dress Mod / Medium / 1960s Secretary / 60s Dress 2 Pc Skirt & Blouse /Wiggle Suit
vintage 1960s suit / two piece dress set / pencil skirt / cropped jacket / embroidered cotton suit vintage skirt suit / two-piece rayon suit 1940s Knit Set / Townie Sweater and Skirt / 50s
SALE // Vintage 50s Lilli Ann Green Suit // Medium brown 50s dress / 1950s dress womens / 50s shirtwaist dress / pleated skirt Cloud Fare suit • wool 1940s suit • vintage 1950s suit
ORIGINAL VINTAGE 1940s 50s Black Skirt and Jacket Suit with Hand Painted Pink and Gold Polka Dots / Xsmall / Waist 25"

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