Margaret Schroeder’s Blue Dress

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Oct 022013

Last night I did a bit of catching up with 1920s prohibition drama Boardwalk Empire. I’m very behind because it was left by the wayside in favour of its British based counterparts Mr Selfridge and Downtown Abbey.
So I’m only on season 1 eposide 3.

It’s good, I mean generally I’ve never really been interested in gangster or mafia movies (there are exceptions to every rule) but I am very interested in what life was like in the early to mid 20th century and the modern day interpretation of that, so yeah that makes it more likable for me. All the beautiful costumes and sets are just wonderful.

In case you haven’t seen it, watch out! SPOILERS AHEAD

One of the storylines I have been following with the most interest is that of Margaret Schroeder, the pregant Irish imigrant widow with two children. Due to unforseen spoilers online I do know what lies ahead for her to a degree but as it stands her story is this.

Her husband has just ‘died’. Nucky Thompson has got her a job as a salesgirl in a boutique. She’s given a work dress to change into and that’s where it get interesting!

Whilst changing Margaret gives us a glimpse of her pointed lace up ankle boots and ever so adorable 1920s underwear; black knit stockings, button-up white frilled bloomers and long-line cupless bra.

Margaret Schroeder's blue dress

Margaret Schroeder's blue dress

THEN over these she slips on her work attire and I’m captivated; Its the most beautiful saphire blue dress with a lining of mauve. The back has a split from neckline to waist where it ties loosely and hangs and a mauve inner layer buttoned down the back with saphire blue buttons peeks the through the gap. The lightly fluted hem falls to the calf. She slips on tapered heeled mary janes over charcoal stockings and turn to show the front of the dress, simple and elegant with a knotted neck bow.

Margaret Schroeder's blue dress

I am in love with this outfit. The chances of finding a dress like are pretty slim. I want so much a reason for hunting down a pattern and making myself one.

What’s your favoutite outfit from Boardwalk Empire?

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