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Jackie Kennedy wearing gingham suit and 'Pillbox' hat

Jackie Kennedy wearing gingham suit and 'Pillbox' hat

In the forthcoming release of mini-series The Kennedys due to air in the UK on The History Channel on Thu 7 Apr, Katie Holmes takes the leading female from as ex First Lady or the United States Jackie Kennedy. I thought it only fitting a time to write about the ins and outs of of Jackie Kennedy (also known as Jackie O) as a fashion icon of the 1960s.

The facts about Jackie Kennedy

  • Jacquiline Lee Bouvier was born  July 28, 1929  in the state of New York.
  • Jackie worked as a Inquiring Photographer for The Washington Times-Herald.
  • In May 1952 Jackie met John Kennedy at a dinner party.
  • Jackie married Kennedy on September 12, 1953.
  • Jackie Kennedy became the First Lady of The United States in January 20, 1961 aged just 31.
  • Jackie remarried in October 20, 1968 to Aristotle Onassis and became known as ‘Jackie O’.
  • Following her second husbands death she worked as a Book Editor.
  • Died May 19, 1994.

What made Jackie Kennedy a vintage fashion icon

During her time at First Lady of the USA (1953- 1963) Jackie Kennedy became a style icon. When her husband JFK moved moved into office she retained the serviced of designer and friend Oleg Cassini, who designed her iconic First Lady wardrobe of the 1960s.  She also favored designers Givenchy, Chanel and Dior. Possible the most memorable of her ensembles were the ‘Pillbox’ hats,  knee length skirt suits with 3/4 length sleeves and classic 1960s sleeveless A-line dresses, all of which continue to influence fashion today.

Following her her husbands presidency Jackie moved away from her signature look to create a new one which included designer head scarves and large, round, dark sunglasses which later became known as ‘Jackie-O’ glasses. Often these were teamed with a simple black turtleneck pulled low over the hips and wide-leg trousers.

My favorite of her looks is a combination of much of the above; a Gingham patterned skirt-suit with bold buttons worn with white gloves, statement sunglasses, a pearl necklace and not forgetting… the all important Pillbox hat.

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