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Some adorable vintage inspired clothing, accessories and homeware and more from independent designers, makers and brands. A place to great retro items you won’t find on the high street.

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  1. I thought I would leave a comment. Great pictures, Great site.

  2. Kitsch is a relatively new store and hopefully one you may find near you in the future. Offering new shoes in vintage and classic styles at very reasonable prices, this store appeals to every quirky, vintage, alternative style-conscious individual. Unfortunately I spent more time wanting to take the dated kitsch furniture home with me, but that could have been due to the mere 10 pairs of men’s footwear on offer. But I won’t dwell on that for now! In the women’s area though, it was a different story… 60’s inspired boots, vintage converse, 20’s and 30’s style shoes. They were a welcome change from the tatty worn cowboy boots you find in most vintage clothing boutiques and we soon found what we were looking for (all be it a little too ‘new’ looking, but that is soon remedied). Next time i’ll delve a little deeper into what Nottingham has to offer the fashion world from our shopping trip.

  3. Wow enjoyed reading your blogpost. I submitted your feed to my blogreader!!

  4. I recently just discovered Kitsch and fell INSTANTLY in love with the place. Found out they have an FB group with lots of pictures!
    Definitely Nottingham’s best kept secret.

  5. Hi I was like you very excited when I visited Kitsch with my daughter earlier in November. We found a lovely pair of boots but sadly they were pretty poor quality – so beware!! I’m really sad as I feel that the staff were lovely when we were buying but very defensive when we wanted to return so sadly we wont be going back there again – and thats a shame

    • Alas Bob’s’ boots only lasted a couple of months too but she say’s she doesn’t mind so much because they only cost her twenty pounds. It’s swings and roundabout I suppose.

  6. Hi, I love kitsch!! I’v been in several times and found all the assistants to be lovely and very chatty. They told me Kitsch oringates from the old Jade shop, its the old owners and same management and most of the sales assistants used to work at Jade too. The only difference this time is that the owners let the manager design the shop… good move i think!

    • Excellent move indeed. It’s a wonder it’s so hard to find anything out about the place if it’s still run by the same people. It looks wonderful now.

  7. Hello, Im Charlotte, the manager of Kitsch. Thank you for writing such a lovely review on my boutique. Next time you visit, be sure to mention your from and we’ll give you 20% off any shoes you want as a thankyou!! Hopefully by then, our men’s range will have expanded, but you men dont buy half as many shoes as us ladies, so we’ll see!! x

  8. Also worth a mention is Punctirus Jewellery for their offering along the same lines. a range of chokers and bracelets that mimic the ‘cut here’ lines you get round coupons and the like. wouldn’t it be rather amusing to wear their choker one evening with the little scissors and pretty dashes, and then the next night sporting the Burlesquers stitched choker. I wonder if someone somewhere would be silly enough to think it was all real!

    To see the Punctirus collection go to:

  9. Went for my first look around Kitsch today. LOVE it! How have I missed this place? Vintage shoes, brooches, bags – even bicycles and sewing machines. Oooooo and some very cute tiered cake stands. It’s a little treasure trove. Today was pure torture, as it’s not payday until Thursday – will be back next weekend to buy some of the things I was dribbling over… x

  10. I am a die hard fan of Rihanna, i love her hair, i love her voice and i love her body. |

  11. i just found out that Lady Gaga is also a mezzo soprano. she really has a great voice and i love her style. ~

  12. Hi,

    I love the blog, I was just wondering whether it would be possible to email some questions regarding vintage to you as this is the area I’m looking at for my MA dissertation. I’m specifically looking at the impact vintage is having on the fashion industry and whether wearing vintage makes a person an individual.

    Thank you
    Kind regards,

  13. it is a bit sad that this beautiful and talented Rihanna would fall in love with an a-hole like chris brown”:’

  14. Thank you Victoria, I’d love to help. Ask away!

  15. Pow! These are great! Where did you find them? Bob will be very excited to see these, they’re just the ticket to satisfy her crazy hosiery madness.

  16. I saw a photoshoot somewhere a while ago and Les Queues De Sardine were amogst the credited clothing contributors so i decided to check them out. I must say, i wish it were more acceptable for men to wear tights as there’s a few of theirs i wouldn’t mind myself!

  17. That’s something I’d like to see 🙂

  18. Oh this is a hot bag! I just love the polka dots!

  19. On 17th September there will be a fantastic wartime dance in Stafford at St Leonards club, a wonderful venue. The dance is being run by a local dance school, Groove Academy so the peopel coming along WILL ACTUALLY WANT TO DANCE!! This also means that there will be a great range of dancing capabilities with teachers on hand to hone your technique, teach you some new moves or get you started on the basics so everyone can join in! There will be stalls from local dealers of vintage fashion and costume hire, the WI are providing refreshments as well as St Leonards bar. Tickets are only £13.50 and more information is on the Groove Academy website under the events section:

    The dance is in support of Katherine House Charity, providing palliative care to patients in North Staffordshire and Help For Heroes, please come along get involved and support these two excellent charities!

    Also a great oppurtunity to meet like-minded people we really hope to see you there! Pass on this information to anyone who loves to dance and has a passion for vintage!!

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  21. I really want to buy one of these bags… i know the article is old but i was hoping there might still be a chance to find one

  22. Hey Louise,
    Enz boutique NYC have a new website at they have some nice bags in there but not the particular one that I featured in the blog because it is an old style. Lux De Ville do have some similar bags on their own website at

  23. Hi there, just been reading your blog; made me feel very proud of my town! I was sad to see that you missed my Past & Present Vintage & Arts Fair which was held on Saturday 23rd July! We are almost opposite St Mary’s Hall, where the Farmer’s Market was taking place; our fair is held in the beautiful St John’s Methodist Church. We call it the Fair for Lovers of Vintage & Handmade and had over 25 stalls offering the best in locally handcrafted goodies, plus collectables and oodles of vintage clothing and kitchenalia. We do not charge for entry and keep stall prices as low as possible so traders can benefit from maximum profit. I was not aware the Seaside Brocante was on on the Friday as in your blog, but the Farmer’s Market, held in the same venue on the Saturday, is a magnificent affair – shame we missed you! Hope to see you at another event; Farmer’s Markets are 2nd & 4th Saturdays at St Mary’s, and we’re next at St John’s on 22nd October, then the Christmas Fair is 10th December 10am-4pm. Best wishes, Kerry Bridge

    • Hi Kerry,
      We were actually at Seaside Brocantes the previous weekend (18th) but I didn’t get chance to blog about my shopping fun until Friday. It’s such a shame we missed you. Your fair sounds lovely, we really love handmade as well as vintage. But at least now you have told me about it on this blog other people will know about it for future dates. If you pop me an email with a flyer attached I’ll happily add it to the events calender.
      Send future events details to: pr(at)
      Best wishes,

  24. Hi Be
    Thank for your reply. I did wonder as the brocantes are usually on Saturdays.

    Yes we’re very fortunate to have such lovely vintage shops and events taking place in Whitstable; I’ll certainly email you a flyer nearer the time for our Autumn Fair, plus I’ll be doing a stint at Pearl & Hemingway’s pop-up shop in November so I’ll make sure I contact you with those details too. I’m really glad to have discovered your fab site!
    Best wishes

  25. Hello,
    Please can you tell me if it is possible to set up a stall at the fete? I’d be happy to do so if you have any spaces. I would like to run a book stall.
    The Guerilla Bookshop

  26. I’m afraid we’re all booked up now. If all is successful there may be another in the future so keep your eyes peeled, follow our blog or twitter to keep updated.

  27. You make a fair comment about faux fur being just as beautiful and I think there will always be a fur debate going on. Any fur is fine with me. I don’t search for the real macoy however if it looks good ill buy it. Old or new, real or fake fur is a magnificent material just as much as leather is. I won’t be converted to not wear real fur, I would feel I would have to go all the way and not eat meat, not wear leather….etc.

    • Thanks Sammy,
      it’s interesting to get an opposing opinion and the reasoning behind it. Your last point makes total sense, as a non-fur wearing veggie I’m already half way there, once they discover a durable waterproof non-hippy alternative to leather shoes I’ll have gone the whole hog. I agree if you eat meat it makes no sense for you to avoid leather, but then furs aren’t a byproduct of UK meat production.

      Best wishes,

  28. Thank you for the shout out and for linking back to my original post.
    Have a great day!

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  30. Dearest darling Bella!
    It’s me, the long lost Russian! I saw this message in my inbox and beamed with happiness 😀 Looks like you’re doing really well! I still love your shop and your gorg vintage style. Good on you babes!
    So here’s my Hunter Gatherer request! I’m October I’m going to get married! Yes, me and Andrey have finally decided to tie the proverbial knot 😀 So I’m in the market for an unusual wedding dress! Your style and eye for a great alternative item is second to none in my book, so any assistance you could give me in finding a dress would be fantastic! I’ve been looking around and am really into 50’s style knee length dresses with short or cap sleeves and some thick layers of underskirting. But I’m open to any ideas you have! I’m afraid I’m still a teacher and my darling boy is still a student so we’ve had to set our absolute top limit at 300 pounds for the dress. I know it’s not a lot, but I’m absolutely open to wearing secondhand / charity shop stuff. This is going to be a wedding on a shoestring budget. I’m coming to the UK on the 10th of July and will be leaving again on the 4th September so will be available almost any time during that period.
    Hope you’re well and even if you can’t find any dresses we should def make time to meet up anyway!
    Big love and hugs for Bobster and the kitties too,
    Claire x x x x x

    • Claire! Congratulations, lovely news. I will definately keep an eye out for a dress like that. I have a wedding dress in a box somewhere but have a feeling its the wrong sort of thing, I’ll dig it out and have a look. So when is your big day and UK or Russia? Will Definately pop your visit in my diary. Until then I’m all eyes for white and petticoats. What size are you looking for?

  31. Hi Bella, I know this post is quite old that I am responding too but I felt I had to let you know about the jewellery that I make here in Whitstable. I sell to Taking the Plunge and Pearl and Hemingway and avrious other shops across the country.
    Glad you love Whitstable as much as us residents.
    Please check out me website and the fb page too…
    Warmest wishes

  32. Does anyone have a concertina shape Elizabeth Arden talc holder ?

  33. Hello,

    I am a student at the University of Central Lancashire writing a feature about the faux or real fur in fashion debate. I wondered if I could include a quote from you on your opinion of wearing and selling vintage fur?

    Thanks for your time,
    Mia Bolton

  34. About 4 years ago I starting having a problem – I started to have a belly.
    I am not really fat and I work out about 5 to 6 days a week. My belly was effecting my posture and I was getting lower back pains. My doc to me that as one becomes older that you lose muscle strength in both your stomach and back area and that I should try and find a corsetier to help out. With some research I found a corsetier and I set up an appointment for both consulting and a fitting. She asked me personal questions about my life style if I am very active and what kind of work do I do. I am fairly active but I sit a lot working on computers. This told her the kind of foundation garment on should be in – she recommended a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. I asked her if I should be in a corset, she told me that wearing a corset would be way to resrictive for me.

    After the consulting she then pulled out a Rago 6210 girdle. She had to teach me the right way to put on the girdle. She had me lay down on a bed lean way back and pull up the girdle, then hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper – then stand up. I was amazed I had never experienced anything quite like it the support in my tummy and back was great, my posture improved right away, I felt a dramatic increase in energy and confidence, I was amazed. The corsetier could tell.

    She had some futher consulting for me, she explained that it does take up to a few weeks to become completly use to and comfortable in daily wearing a girdle. She explained first I had to create a positive habit of daily waking up cleaning up and putting on a girdle each and every morning. Then she explained that I needed to when standing and sitting to keep my belly muscles always relaxed, this I found was somewhat hard to do, she explained that is a subconscience thing and over a period of time I would become and rely on the girdle versus myself. She told me when standing up from a bed or a seat to use my arms and my legs and not my belly muscles. I found doing this and just relying on the support from a girdle I felt much better.

    I followed exactly what the corsetier told me and she was correct after a few weeks you do develop a habit and you feel absolutly fantastic wearing a girdle every day. Now that I am use to being firmly encased in a girdle I found I am really uncomfortable if I am not in a girdle and I wear a girdle now just even relaxing around the house and I love it and you will to.

    • Hi Tom,
      Thank you for your post. It’s a good peoint that I didn’t touch on; corsets and other body moulding underwear can have a very positive medical function. I suspect I would benefit from wearing a girdle as my posture is awful, like you I spend a lot of time hunched over a computor. I wonder I could get used to wearing one as well as you have.

      Best wishes,

  35. Awesome post! I love that outfit so much! You really know how to put different items and colours together and make it work. You should do this every week! Xx

    • Thanks Amy, perhaps not every single week, I just don’t vary my outfits enough for that but you”re sure to see more of these close-up what I wore posts. x

  36. Hi there,

    I know this is an extremely late reply, but I came across your blog post quite by accident when doing some research online.
    I am a manager for the company that owns Starfish! We have three shops in Whitstable (Starfish, Just shoes and Pink Flamingo) and one in Rochester Which is a larger shop that incorporates all three brands. We work under the collective name of Pink Flamingo Boutique and stock from all three of our brands is available on our website

    We also have a Facebook group and a blog;

    Thank you for your interest in Starfish and I hope you visit us again when you next come to Whitstable!

    I love your blog! It would be great to have a chat with you if you visit Whitstable again.

    Best regards

    Nicola 🙂

    • Hi nicola.
      Better late than never, I’m so glad you found us! Thanks for leaving me a message, If I visit Whitstable again I’ll be sure to look you up. 🙂

  37. Wow, those pieces are stunning! So very classic in it’s design, they will never look dated. I have to confess, I am slightly envious! 😉 xx

  38. I dont know about real fur as I have just inherited a beautiful fur that is about 50 years old and it is warm and beautiful. I eat meat , wear leather (over synthetic) and love animals and have a leather sofa beautiful leather handbags ugg boots ,sheepskin gloves….shall i go on…. makeup toilertries without researching the source.
    The fact the coat is vintage the deed has been done……………?
    Why is it wrong to wear it and better to have it in the wardrobe as a treasure?

    However if you are a vegan I have total understanding for your point of view
    but I am getting nasty comments from people who own the same as me but a moral judgement on fur, you cant change your feelings to suit the product.
    Also I love guinea pigs, once I was given a booklet on what products to avoid as they are tested on animals i had to throw it away and make out i had not seen it as there are sooooo many


    • Thank you for your thoughts TREN.
      I suppose the question is whether someone is willing to live with the knowledge of the ominous source of their products in order to enjoy them, be ignorant to the information to ensure they don’t have to have a moral struggle or whether they would rather avoid any animal derived products altogether thus avoiding the risk of moral conflict.

      I myself have declined the offer of a rabbit coat from my mother’s wardrobe, as a vegetarian I think that is to be expected. But no, I agree, I don’t think a vegan should be selling fur coats.

  40. I just want to say thank you for not saying that Lolita and Kinderwhore were the same! We get such a bad rap as it is and we need more people who understand that we aren’t trying to sexual well….anything. ^_^

    • Thank you for your comment and you are welcome! I have similar gripe with people’s misuse of the word vintage.
      So, are you Kinderwhore or Lolita? What are your favourite child-inspired items to wear?

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