Vintage Top 10; Bear In Mind

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Feb 042014
Vintage Top 10; Bear In Mind

This is the second Top 10 Etsy Picks inspired by recent additions, our 1950s lucite brooches. This week I picked my top ten vintage items from Etsy inspired by the motif on these polar bear heart shaped brooches. Aren’t they adorable? WADE Whimtray Polar Bear Cub WadesRUs $36 handmade polar bear sweater BonyPonyTrappi… $40 antique [read full post]

Jan 132014
My New Years Resolution

Let’s talk New Years resolutions. This year i decided to break from the mould and try something much more vague and all encompasing in an effort to stick with it. Here’s how it’s going…

Jan 062014
What's In The Box: Lucite Jewellery Stash

This small vintage suitcase has been siiting in my office for months, uponened. As a holiday treat to myself I decided to finally open it and liberate its contents. Here’s what I found inside… A mountain of beautifully hand-painted lucite jewelley. Made of solid colour moulded or cut acrylic each piece is beautifull hand-painted with [read full post]

Super Crafty Secret Santa

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Dec 312013
Super Crafty Secret Santa

Yesterday we had a large group of friends together for a Christmas meal at a friend’s house. This is where I received my best ever sectret santa gift, not to mention the strangest… Have you ever received a really amazing sectret Santa?