Sep 272013

Yesterday I filmed my first ever Rag and Magpie video! It’s been a something that has been on my to do list for a while, however my excessive fear of public speaking and the prospect of how I might act and appear on video (prompted solely by the memory of watching my 13 year old self back doing a hisory presentation) bought me to procrastinate.

Yesterday I bit the bullet. As it turns out speaking on film isn’t half as bad as speaking in a room ful of people…

I was due to select some autumn and winter dresses from a from an old suitcase which has been packed away since the Rockin’ Good Vintage Alldayer last winter.  I decided to film this task because I love a good rummage and though you might like to join me in order to get a sneak preview of the vintage dresses which will soon be new in store.

If the video doesn’t load watch it here

The video is filmed on a webcam because I have no tripod for my smartphone, so there is definately room for improvement, but a blury sneak peek is better than no preview, right? Enjoy

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