Super Crafty Secret Santa

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Dec 312013

Happy holidays. I have been on blog silence for some time. My other half has a whopping three weeks off work so I decided to try to turn off myself and to make the most of the season almost work-free.

We have been in Munich enjoying the Christmas Markets, eating too much cheese and attempting to track down Flohmaerkte (German flea markets). After a week in Germany visiting family and friends and an epic 28 hour journey home via the big Gatwick fail we have finally settled well into a week of Christmas movies, knitting, jigsaw puzzling, cat cuddling and little else.

Yesterday we had a large group of friends together for a Christmas meal at a friend’s house. This is where I received an amazing secret santa gift… not to mention the strangest; Crafting with Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya. Wierd right?

crafting with cat hair

Well actually if you think about it’s not much stranger than crafting with wool. And its an adorably illustrated book with ideas of how to put the cat fur that covers your jumpers and home to some use.

Did you ever get an amazing secret Santa gift?

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