Jul 302012

Having now spend more than two weeks sorting, dating, cleaning and photographing blue and white stoneware from the renowned TG Green Cornish Kitchen Ware range I’m sure I’ll be closing my eyes and seeing blue stripes for weeks to come.  The silver lining of this barely grey cloud is that the vast collection of said  Cornish Ware is now available in the shop. There are all sorts from salt shakers and milk jugs to a cheese dome and mixing bowls all ranging from the 1930s to the 1980s.

What is Cornish Kitchen Ware?

Cornish Kitchen Ware is slip-ware pottery first produced in Derbyshire, England in the 1920s. Originally  produced in blue and white stripes and given the title Cornish Kitchen Ware legend tells it was so name because an employee at  TG Green said it was reminiscent of the white crested waves and blue sky of Cornwall. Over the years the Cornish Ware collection has evolved but just like the Cornish pasty, tartan and tea and scones the original is still a timeless British classic. TG Green’s famous blue and white striped Cornish Ware has been synonymous with Britishness.

Also know as Cornish Ware or Cornish Blue there are various periods of note for TG Green’s range development. The pictures below show the difference between Cornish Ware in the Green Shield period (1930s to late 1960s) and similar items produced after 1967.

A selection of TG Green Green shield 1930s -1960s Cornish Kitchen Ware

Cornish Kitchen Ware dating 1930s -1960s

Judith Onions restyled the Cornish Ware collection in 1967, for the most part her designs ‘straightened out’ the original curved shapes to clean lines which were in line with modernism of the time. Items from this period were marked with a Judith Onions ‘target’ backstamp up until 1975.

A selection of TG Green Judith Onions 1967 -1975 Cornish Kitchen Ware

Cornish Kitchen Ware dating 1967 -1975

I have to say although Judith Onions selection is nice and uniform I am personally partial to the earlier shapes simply because they are from an earlier era which I find intriguing.

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