Nov 282011

Miss Wax home waxing strips by Elegant Touch imply easily achieved perfect eyebrows, like those of the 1950s pin-up girl on the packaging. I admit I may have been swayed by the adorably retro box in which they are sold, later I discovered they were heinously over-packaged and could have been sold in something resembling an envelope… but less about the box. I was also impressed by the price, less than half the price of all the other waxing strips in Boots. So I went for it.

I wiped down my warm wet face and jumped headfirst into my first home eyebrow waxing treatment. Not being entirely sure how many of the strips you’re supposed to use in one session I probably overdid it a bit in my obsessive mission to get perfect pin-up eyebrows without plucking and used half the pack. The pre-cut shape wasn’t quite the shape i was going for but with a little clever positioning it worked and  took a little while but eventually I was left with a clean line and pink eyelids. It wasn’t until about six hours later that I discovered the drawback of this product… Miss Wax Eyebrow ShapersMy eyelids were STILL red and puffy, even though they didn’t hurt. I went out to dinner in the evening and learned that thankfully the soreness passed for “adventurous make-up to match your cardigan, looks quite nice”. Two days later and my eyelids are still a little pink and tender, I suspect because I have sensitive skin and it was my first try.

In conclusion, I probably will be buying Miss Wax again but would recommend caution if you are a delicate type. There is no doubt that they did the job and that reshaping the brows can really open up your face, in fact my thirteen year old sister just asked me to instruct her in her first ever eyebrow shaping, “when you visit, can you bring tweezers?” she asked.

That should be an interesting task.

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