Jan 132014

In years gone by I have made and broken fruitless resolutions made in vain. Exercise routines, chocolate dodging, learn to drive targets, the cliché weight loss resolution and so forth. Although I still hope to lose the extra luggage created by Christmas feasting, I have decided that I will be less disappointed by lack smaller waistline/ more surprised proud by a drop in dress size if I don’t make it an actual resolution.

This year I only have one resolution. To do one productive thing every single day. Minimum.
That way I will get more checked off my ever increasing do do list (hopefully permanently reducing it in length) and will feel that my frequent lazy time is more justified. To Do list

It only just under two weeks into the new year and i’m doing so so; the odd day it is a struggle to be productive when its frosty outside and all you want to do is hide beneath a blanket and watch reruns of Poirot but I have managed to push though and thus far have managed to maintain doing at least one productive thing every day, even if it’s really small.

I’ve kicked the year off with an array of productive task from the mundane to the unusual including doing 2 hours more on a secret knitting project (I can’t say more about it yet, it’s going to be a birthday gift), cleaning up some old cutlery we picked up for 2 pounds at a car boot sale and planting new grass for our cats and each day I have felt good for acheiving something.

What is you New Years resolution and how are you doing?

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