Aug 022013

Has anyone else been watching that show kirsty’s Fill Your House For Free? Although I don’t feel like I get much information from each new episode the concept is right up my street. I have a bit of a reputation as a womble amonst my friends, one of them has even started sending me photos of discarded furniture he sees on his travels. I often find bits and bobs people no longer want with the idea of tarting them up or giving them a new purpose.

But what about filling your larder for free? You might think I’m mad but meet my zucchini.


I’d like to take credit for this baby but as my friends know me to be a bit of a fail with plants I’d never get away with it.
This giant courgette was found in a small pile of similar specimens stacked up on the garden wall of a house in a nearby neighborhood. Some generous green fingered folk had left them with a little paper sign saying ‘Courgettes! Please help yourself, we always have too many’. I’m looking forward to trying out a homegrown giant courgette salad recipe over the weekend.

Similarly when my mum last visited London she had a bag of homegrown chillies in tow for our kitchen. Apparently she also grows plenty and is the only person in the house that eats them so always has spare.

Ask around friends who you know are good gardeners, you never know what they might have going spare.

What bits have you found for free lately?

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