Sep 072013

This is the first in a new series of posts on Make Do And Mend, a movement started back in 1940s where wives and sweethearts would use cunning tips and unusual methods to extend the life of clothes, panty contents and more to get by during WWII rationing.

No cash for a cobbler? Try Blakey’s segs

The obvious way to extend the life of shoes is to get them rehealed and trailed at a cobbler shop. But during tough times multiple trips to the cobbler can be an expensive endeavor. So how about prevention rather than cure?

Since 1902 folks have been using Blakey’s shoe protectors (also known as Segs) to prolong the life of thier shoes thus needing less visits to the cobbler and saving a few bob. Shoe protectors or segs are small cast malleable iron or rubber devices which fit to the base of your shoes.

Blakey’s, the foremost producer of shoe protectors is a British brand founded over 100 years ago by Inventor John Blakely and to this day they still made in the UK and now sell through an online shop.

Blakey’s segs cost just a couple of pounds a pack, come in different sizes and shapes for different parts of the shoe and the use will depend on how you wear your shoes. To use position the seg and tap it gently into the sole with a hammer. Apparently they make a satisfying clack noise as you walk.

Inspired to give them a try? Do you already use segs? How do you wear yours?

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