Apr 292013

A little while ago Miss Bob and I went to Brighton on a mission to find some nice antique jewellery. Whilst searching for a refuge from the bracing British seaside wind we happened upon a lovely treasure (spotted by Miss Bob, I can’t take credit I’m sorry to say)…The lovely Blackbird Tea Rooms is a two storey 1940s style tearoom in the heart of Brighton.

Blackbird Tea Rooms Menu

The menu

The is place was so well put together I didn’t know where to look. As you enter you are greeted by a waitress dolled up to the nines 40s in a navy blouse red lipstick and vintage up do. There is of course a short wait because the place is popular with locals and tourists alike, but I don’t mind waiting as I get to stand and inspect the large wall sized shelf unit opposite stuffed with vintage packaging and tea caddies. Oh but oh, our table is ready…

Blackbird Tea Rooms

Pretty pretty 1940s inspired interior

As we walk up the stairs the walls to the side of us are lines with stunning patterned wallpaper with exotic grass and birds on,  frames with old photographs line the walls in a higgledy piggledy fashion. Mix and match dark wood furniture is decorated with lacy white tablecloths, we take the table in the corner next to the pretty floor lamp…

Our cream tea and sandwich is served on mix and match vintage china and the tea, although we we went with the safe choice of breakfast tea was truly delicious (in fact it’s making me want tea, i’m going to have to go make one momentarily). Foolishly We shared a sandwich thinking a scone wasn’t sufficient, however on arrival of the scones we decided that was probably a mistake. Out back there is a cute yard with bunting, flowers and an outdoor toilet… although I’m not sure the word toilet really cuts it, it’s like a tiny period film set in a loo. To quote Fleur from Diary of a Vintage Girl ‘The Blackbird Tea Rooms (and their loos) were lovely!’

Blackbird Tea Rooms Toilets

The loo, stuff with 1940s toiletries


er…that’s me pouring tea!

Outfit: Hat – Vintage, inherited from grandmother, Blouse – Bob’s, Next from a charity shop, Jumper – Kate Moss for Topshop from Oxfam Boutique, Bath.


Scone sliced in three!


Brie and cranberry sandwich on vintage china

I am in love with the decor, engaged by the delicous tea and stuffed silly by their giant scone (it was about the size of my head!).

After the heafty serving of carbs we went for a little stroll on the beach to walk it off. We might have got a little distracted though…


Sun, sea and quenching a thirst


The old Brighton pier


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