Jan 072013

For Christmas, along with many wonderful things, including lots of chocolate and a clothes steamer I can’t wait to try out, I got the most wonderful gift from my Bob. The beginnings of a Poole pottery vintage tableware collection, specifically the Twintone range which has been produced since the 1930s in a variety of colours. My starter pieces include a large dish and two cups and saucers all in Sky Blue and Dove Grey. Although until now I have adored Poole pottery from afar without intention of collecting we had picked up a Poole coffee pot at a boot sale a few months ago for a bargain one pound which I suspect will now stick around. It’s a slippery slope though, we have already run out if space in our kitchen and I can hardly wait to go hunting for my next piece!



  2 Responses to “Christmas Poole Pressies; A Slippery Slope”

  1. Wow, those pieces are stunning! So very classic in it’s design, they will never look dated. I have to confess, I am slightly envious! 😉 xx

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