Jun 262013

Hello! As I sit in London’s Leather Lane sipping my ginger beer and downing smarties I think It’s high time I post a blog! So hear I am.

The last couple of weeks I have been attempting to hone my photography skills for shooting products for our little shop and have been focussed on adding New items to both our website and our Esty shop. Although I studied photography for a brief time as part of my college course back in the day but I learned on a manual SLR, I never really did any product photography or what you might call still life. It has also been a long while so I am beyond rusty and haven’t quite caught up with the digital age.

Book: A crafters guide to taking great photos

In this task I have found an amazing book. Well not actually found. The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnum was an amazing birthday from my Bob back in May. I have now been through it and used it for reference a few times and I can’t recommend it enough. Adnum gives a great how to guide to lighting, digital camera modes, DIY equipment on a shoestring and crafty ways to make the most of your subject, be it jewelley, a dress or a stuffed toy. As you might expect this book is stuffed full of beautiful photographs.

Hopefully you will soon see improvement in the photos in our little shop. Hopefully.

On a different note…

The results for the National Vintage Awards are in (well technically they were in last week but I’ve been a bit blog slow of late). We want to say a big congratulations to Love Miss Daisy, Vintage Lovely’s Vintage Emporium and Candy Says Vintage Clothing for being shortlisted as best online vintage shop. A big well done to all finalists in other categories. To buy tickets to the awards ceremony visit The National Vintage Awards website.

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