Sep 252013

It’s been an exciting week here at Rag and Magpie HQ. Firstly we had a parcel to send out all the way to Australia. It’s so good to learn that news of our little shop is reaching far and wide!

I did our first ever hand delivery. If you’re an online business it’s so wonderful when you learn that one of your customers lives locally, so locally in fact that you can deliver their parcel in person! Although we often chat with people on Facebook, Twitter, on the telephone and by email it’s a totally different feeling to actually meet a customer in person. A very nice thing.

Now that’s two very satifying things… and there’s a third. I spoke with a lovely chap today from ITV. He mused about how odd it felt to be shopping for Christmas things so early in the year. As it turns out some of our vintage wrapping paper and greeting cards will be making their way to the set of non other than ITV’s Coronation Street!

Coronation Street episode 1

Coronation Street episode 1, Aired 9th December 1960

We have had items featured on television before; in Channel 4’s The house the 50s Built and a short documentary named Rock aound the 50s for a special exhibition at The Victoria & Albert Museum. We have never before (to our knowledge) been part of a household name like Corrie.  Woohoo!

These things are tiny occurrences but all the small things add up to a nice day and a generally good feeling.

What small things make you happy at work?

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