What is brogueing?

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May 082012
What is brogueing?

Brogueing is the name given to decorative punched detailing along the seam of various styles of shoe, most notable it’s namesake the Brogue. More about brogues Originally outdoor country shoes Brogues were traditionally a sturdy leather shoe (or boot) with a low heel and a perforated pattern. Over time the use of brogues has broadened [read full post]

Feb 152011
What is Kinderwhore?

You may have noticed I mentioned the word ‘kinderwhore’ in a post earlier this week. But what is it? For those not familiar with the word here is a little introduction to kinderwhore… Kinderwhore is a fashion movement popularized by mid 1990s grunge musicians such as Hole front-woman Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland of Babes [read full post]

Jun 142010

Primarily, to be vintage an item of clothing must be old. However, you can achieve a vintage look by wearing vintage inspired clothing and accessories too if you know how to make it look the part. Some key elements can help make your look seem vintage even if the clothing isn’t. First you must pick [read full post]