Jan 062014
What's In The Box: Lucite Jewellery Stash

This small vintage suitcase has been siiting in my office for months, uponened. As a holiday treat to myself I decided to finally open it and liberate its contents. Here’s what I found inside… A mountain of beautifully hand-painted lucite jewelley. Made of solid colour moulded or cut acrylic each piece is beautifull hand-painted with [read full post]

Nov 252013
Vintage Top Ten As Voted By We Heart Vintage Readers

Earlier this month we joined forces with We Heart Vintage ask folks which item in our shop is their favourite… We got to learn a whole lot about which items people loved the most. Here is the top ten favourite items at the Rag and Magpie shop as voted by We Heart Vintage readers. To my surprise the most loved item isn’t an item of clothing at all…

Gingham For Autumn

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Oct 252013
Gingham For Autumn

Gingham is synonymous with summer. It conjours images of picnics in the park and Dorothy Gayle skipping. This being said I was surprised to find two dresses almost identical in style, both circa 1960s, both by different makers (seemingly, one is by Louis Caring of London and the other has no tags to identify its maker) and yet both with a Gingham check…

Margaret Schroeder’s Blue Dress

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Oct 022013
Margaret Schroeder's Blue Dress

It’s 1920s Atlantic City. Margaret Schroeder has got a job as a salesgirl in a boutique. She’s given a uniform to change into and that’s where it get interesting! She slips on her work attire and I’m captivated…