Mar 242014
McBess Retro London Underground Advertisments

I recently noticed a new vintage style ad campaign by Transport for London created to inspire better tube etiquette on the London underground.  The unusually retro cartoon posters are created by french illustrator McBess (Matthieu Bessudo). Each poster contains a banner, a little poem pointing what not to do on the tube and covers all [read full post]

Jan 132014
My New Years Resolution

Let’s talk New Years resolutions. This year i decided to break from the mould and try something much more vague and all encompasing in an effort to stick with it. Here’s how it’s going…

Super Crafty Secret Santa

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Dec 312013
Super Crafty Secret Santa

Yesterday we had a large group of friends together for a Christmas meal at a friend’s house. This is where I received my best ever sectret santa gift, not to mention the strangest… Have you ever received a really amazing sectret Santa?

Oct 092013
Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets (infographic)

A while back I posted an article DIY Upcycled Pallet Shelves Tutorial, which featured my very own first upcycled pallet project.
This Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets infographic by Terrys Fabrics is full of handy tips to inspire a pallet project of your own. The inforgraphic also has a handy guide to how long different projects might take and how much they might cost plus some inspiring ideas for the home and garden.